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"The data shows Google's turnover from the Indonesian market is Rp 3 trillion per year, a number that is quite massive because the number will continue to grow every year. Because of the digital business, Google Indonesia's profit margin may be 30%; so that the turnover generates a net profit of Rp 1 trillion per year."

So, for you whether you are still struggling with the manual world by getting a profit just like that or you will start changing the way your business to digital transformation, it's time we help you in that regard.

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A product's success is determined by how much others are helped by it !

In, we set out from a problem we collected from a research data. Then we make mind maps of the problem so that we can make an analysis of measurement solutions. Because the success and survival of a product will be felt if the analysis of the problem is right on the needs of the solution.


Amin Syaharuddin

Analyst & Design




Social Media Management

Content Creator Production

Dekstop Application Development

Website Development

Managing Email Campaign

Design Grafis & Builder


1. Planning & Research

The foundation in a work is determined in the process of planning and targeted research where the needs are determined by the mind mapping method

2. Optimizing

Structurally modeled algorithmic steps can create an optimization that can solve a problem.

3. Result

Good achievement is certainly desired by everyone, and to achieve it, of course, the best processes are needed in it.

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